Getaria is our origin and destination. As well as the destination of sailormen like Elkano and many other anonymous who sailed around the world. Getaria is party: is the noise of San Salvador church bells, small but with a great echo. Getaria is sea, fishing, boats getting into the port, siren calls and unloading fish that give us life. Getaria is pure taste, high quality gastronomy, small producers that work with the best offered by the sea and the land.

Getaria is the art of grills, with a street aroma that captivates. Getaria is sewing: the stitches of the fishing net fixer ladies on the port and great couturiers like Balenciaga. Getaria is peace looking to the horizon, sunsets on the beach and laughter of children playing on the shores of the Basque Sea. Getaria is fun, musical notes and tasting notes of the txakoli that is born in the vineyards soaked by salty residue. Getaria is waves, big when the Basque Sea is angry, small when it is quite. Getaria son lucecitas al amanecer, de txipironeras con pequeños piratas de incalculable paciencia. Getaria is tiny lights at dusk that come from the small fishing boats commanded by pirates with a great amount of patience. Getaria is adventure. That is Getaria, a real adventure.

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BeLokal Getaria
anchoas Maisor


We offer you a unique experience where you will learn to make the real Getaria’s anchovies in salt, following traditional techniques and totally hand-craft. A great plan for families. Besides, you will take home the anchovies made by you.
Make sure you visit our small craft cannery!

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Getaria’s street grills are the place where expert cooks make the most of fish, meat and local products. All the alleys in Getaria smell like grill, irresistible!


Hondarribi Zuri is a local grape variety used by the wineries in Getaria. The vineyards are facing the ocean and as a result the sea breeze influences the aroma, taste and body of this local wine. Drink it in a wine glass and cold. Topa!


Cristobal Balenciaga: international designer and couturier that changed the fashion world in the middle of the 20th century. Juan Sebastian Elkano: fearless sailor that sailed around the world for the first time in the beginning of the 16th century. Both have in common that they were from Getaria. Discover part of their legacy …


In Getaria we owe everything to the Basque Sea: Kantauri, as we call it. There are many ways to enjoy it: fishing, going for a boat ride, surfing in Gaztetape beach or in the neighbour Zarautz, or just sunbathing in any of Getaria’s two beaches …


The holidays are for enjoying with the family and of the family, without any doubt. Getaria, as the Basque Country, offers many options to do so: